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And while it might be easy to dismiss this feature as something that is more useful on a smartphone than a tablet, it does provide several cool features. Tops among these added features are voice dictation, which is great if you want to write a long email but doesn't have a wireless keyboard, but other features like easily setting reminders or putting events on your calendar are very nice.

Why Refurbished

In addition to pretty apps and p video, the Retina Display provides graphics that can rival what we see on the Xbox and PlayStation 3. The iPad 3 took the iPad 2's chip and added a quad-core graphics processor, so the iPad 3 can dish out these graphics at an increased rate. This means we won't just be looking at stunning graphics, we'll be living in amazing new worlds.

The games may not be quite as in-depth as what we see on consoles, which can often dedicate 7 GB for a single game, but the ability to produce hardcore games grows with each new generation of the iPad. Apple pulled a stunner when they announced the iPad 4 at the iPad Mini event, but in many respects, the iPad 4 is the iPad The newest iPad cranks up the processing speed with the new A6 chip, which is roughly twice as fast as the iPad 3's A5X chipset. The new iPad also includes a better front-facing camera, and support for dual-band channel bonding Wi-Fi, which can increase connection speeds at home.

Which iPads You Should Actually Buy (and the Ones to Avoid)

It also adds extended 4G LTE support for international regions. Games and applications will continue to support the display resolution of the original iPad and the iPad 2, with many not even making the jump to the new iPad's higher resolution. And while the iPad 2 doesn't support p video, video still looks very nice on the device and the tablet does support p playback when connecting the iPad to your HDTV. And with the iPad Mini using the same central processor as the iPad 2, we know Apple believes the iPad 2 is plenty fast enough for most purposes.

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Best for Travel. Regardless, the best thing about iPads is that they age gracefully, and the iPad Mini should operate well for a few more years. The other big benefit: Apple replaced 's basic iPad with a revamped model, which has faster internals and works with the Pencil.

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But the model is still decent if you can find it refurbished at a low price. It runs a A9 chip, which puts it on par in basic terms with an iPhone 6S. That means it's plenty fast for basic tablet tasks, and most other aspects are identical to the latest model—except of course for the absence of Pencil support. Newer iPads outpower the Air 2, but this old slate still runs the latest version of iOS without hassle or delay, making it good for most of the basic tasks you need from an iPad.

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Which is the best buy?

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