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  3. Restoring Your Apps and Settings
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  5. Titanium Backup ★ root download for android 5.1.1 (Lollipop)

To do that, we can make use of filters. Whether you just want to restore an app you uninstalled, or you've gotten an entirely new phone or ROM and are starting with a blank slate, restoring apps and settings with Titanium is super easy. Before you start, make sure the TitaniumBackup folder on your SD card is full—that means your latest backup data is still intact. If not or if you're on a new phone , head into Titanium and hit the "Sync to Dropbox" button.

This will download your Titanium backups back to your SD card but only if the TitaniumBackup folder is empty! Then, just follow the steps below. Let's say you flash a new ROM to your phone, get your hands on a new device, or otherwise need to restore all your apps and settings. You can easily save yourself endless amounts of reconfiguring with just a few taps from Titanium's main screen.

This process is described in Titanium's FAQ number 14 on the list. If you're using Dropbox, this shouldn't be a problem, as you'll always have your latest backup just a click away. There are a few cases in which Titanium Backup can't, sadly, restore a few specific settings to a new ROM. The messaging apps are just completely different. You can increase your chances of restoring incompatible data by going to Titanium's Preferences and checking the "Data Migration" option before restoring, however. Additionally, you can exclude anything you want from the backup process by unchecking its list entry when you go to back up your phone.

That said, restoring most data should work just fine. As if all that weren't cool enough, Titanium Backup also has a bunch of other really neat features that make it a must-have for Android rooters, like Dropbox integration, crapware removal, and. We've briefly mentioned this once before, but it bears repeatin:. Hit the "Freeze" button to freeze the app. This won't uninstall it completely, but it will keep it from running or slowing down your phone. I usually stop there, since uninstalling certain pre-packaged apps can break your phone.

If, after freezing it for awhile, you're confident your phone will work fine though, you can go back to that same screen and hit "Remove" to free up a bit more space on your phone's hard drive.

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  3. How to backup your apps after Titanium Backup installed??

We've mentioned before that moving some apps to your SD card can speed up your phone, and if you're running Titanium Backup, you don't need an extra app to do this. What's especially nice is that Titanium Backup will move them even if the app doesn't support it—which is great for big apps like games that you really, really want to get off your internal storage. Of course, I only recommend forcing the move with non-essentail apps—you don't want to break anything by accident.

If you find you have problems with the app after moving it, though, you can always try moving it back by going to the same menu—you'll then have an option to move it back to your phone. This will get you started working with Titaniium Backup, but the app has a ton of advanced settings and actions if you find that this doesn't do quite what you want it to. I definitely recommend checking out the Titaniium Backup wiki for more information on how it works and all the other things you can do with it.

And, of course, if you have your own favorite tools hidden away in Titanium Backup, tell us about them in the comments below. The A. Whitson Gordon.

Titanium Backup ★ root

Filed to: Thus, if you upload something to Drive, Autosync for Google Drive puts it on your device and vice versa. Users can choose sync intervals, the types of files that go to the cloud, and more. It also includes Tasker support. The premium features include support for files larger than 10MB, multiple folder syncing support, a passcode setting, no ads, and improved support options. There are multiple tiers of premium.

App Backup is actually a decent backup app for applications. It can copy APK files to your internal storage or cloud storage as you need. Those are the actual APKs and install perfectly fine. At least, they installed fine during our testing. You can also share APKs, check the package name, the app version, and date installed.

Some additional options include an uninstall option, Material Design, and an auto-backup function in case you want to be lazy with it. This isn't nearly as powerful as root-only backup apps like Titanium Backup. However, this is about as good as it can possibly get for non-root users. The app did crash once during our tests, but it otherwise ran fine.

Download Titanium Backup ( root ) 8.2.2 for Android

Backup Your Mobile Price: The UI is fairly simple and using it to backup stuff should only take a few minutes of poking around. It looks antiquated, but it's not like you'll use this app more than a few times. Some have reported the occasional bug. Thus, your mileage may vary. Thankfully, it's free so it won't cost you anything to try it.

Easier Backup Price: Easier Backup is basically what the name says. It backs up your contacts.

Restoring Your Apps and Settings

The app works offline, includes support for VFC, and quick export to basically whatever you want. That includes cloud storage, your email, or your PC. The app also has support for 15 languages, Material Design, and more. It's relatively simple to use and we liked how many options you get to manually move your contacts around.

Otherwise, there isn't much else to say.

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This app does one thing and it does it correctly. G Cloud Price: G Cloud is a cloud storage option, but one specifically for device backups. It can automatically or manually backup your SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs, and other various files.

It can even backup your settings in some cases. You can configure automatic backup for favorable circumstances like when your device is charging and also connected to WiFi. The service gives you 1GB for free and you can earn more free storage with various little gags in the app. This isn't like Google Drive or OneDrive or anything like that.

It's a cloud storage service specifically for phone backup material and that's kind of neat.

What is Titanium Backup?

G Cloud has no association with Google whatsoever. Keep it rolling with some more useful Android apps! Google Photos Price: Google Photos kind of counts as cloud storage.

Titanium Backup

However, we think it's a special case. This app backs up your photos and videos for free. The only thing Google asks is that you allow them to decrease the quality a little bit. This is an amazing budget option for smartphone shutterbugs. All photos are accessible via the website or the app. That makes them viewable basically everywhere with an Internet connection.

You can also download them again whenever you want to or share them to various places like Instagram or Facebook. There is an option to backup photos and videos at the original quality. However, that uses Google Drive space and you have to pay for that.

Titanium Backup ★ root download for android 5.1.1 (Lollipop)

You only get the free storage if you don't mind Google lowering the quality a little bit. Migrate root only Price: Migrate is a handy tool for root users who flash a lot of ROMs. It basically backups up everything. That includes apps, app data, app permission settings, SMS messages, call logs, contacts, screen DPI settings, and even your default keyboard option. You back everything up and the app creates a flashable ZIP file.

The ROM boots up, you let the restore process finish, and that's it. This is still a very new app with plenty of little bugs. It is, after all, still in beta. Thankfully, the only people who can even use it are root users so you all know what you're in for here. This competes favorably with Titanium Backup if we're talking about strictly backing up apps and such.

Resilio Sync Price: Resilio Sync is among our favorite cloud storage apps and easily one of the best backup apps. It works almost exactly like any other cloud storage service.